Perth, new house and things

Sorry for yet another extended radio silence. As you’ll see, I’ve been rather busy and it’s been the silly season to boot.

The trip to Perth was a wonderful thing. Everyone was very welcoming and kind, the wedding was lovely, I went to the beach, hung out with great people. All round good times. Unfortunately, no photos, because my camera is not well. It may be recovering, but still touch and go.

The night I got back, I moved into my new place with Eva, another AVI friend. The new house has been… interesting so far. It turns out the lady we got the house from had 4 boyfriends on the go and it all got too much to deal with, which is why she was moving back to Australia. Yes. It also turned out that we were allergic to the house. Since we moved in, we had 2 days of intense, zombifying hayfever. When we finally got the time and energy to do a big clean up, including bleaching the walls in case it was mold/mildew, it got better.

Otherwise, the place is cool. We’re constantly kept entertained by the endless procession of strange wildlife in our house and yard. For starters, we have a part-time dog we’ve named The Darkness (see Rick James/Charlie Murphy on the Chapelle Show), who wanders in when he feels like it to hang out. A bat got loose in my room one night and flew around in circles for about 10 minutes before it eventually found the huge wide open doors and escaped. We also have various oversized insects, tadpoles, geckos, etc. The other day when I was sitting on the porch/steps reading, a funny little frog leapt into view, right in front of me and stared at me for about 10 minutes. Thinking my camera was broken, I ducked inside to get my sketchbook and once I got out and sat back down, he became very energetic and jumped and climbed everywhere. It even launched itself straight at me at one point, so drawing conditions were rough.

Tonight, I’m about to head out with Nina and Ollie to Malang, where a friend from our office comes from. She’s up there with some friends and we’ll all be going up a big mountain and hiking back for a few days. Should be fun! Cath you on the other side.

Here’s a silly thing I did the other day for fun. Photo by Lepa


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