Photo Dump!

Well, it’s been a while since I actually posted anything here, but if you follow me elsewhere (flickr, twitter, tumblr) you’ll know I’ve been doing… Stuff.
Lots of that stuff has been work, but some has also been drawings and roadtrips and taking photos. I shall dump some of these here and attempt to create a story by explaining each image. Wish me luck!

Dead thing in my bathroom

Live thing in my bathroom

SL372669.JPG SL372726.JPG
We went on a bit of a road trip the other weekend, because it was a long weekend. Just kind of drove all over Bali and stopped to check out whatever took our fancy. These are from that roadtrip (will update if I can remember/find the names of all these places).

More below. Left: in the general vicinity of Tanah Lot. Right: Goats.

SL372759.JPG goatscropped.jpg

SL372765.JPG SL372791.JPG
Left; Deasy & Eva at Tanah Lot. Right; This place reminded me of James Bond settings from the 70s. It’s actually around the site of a planned, but uncompleted giant statue of the Hindu god Vishnu and a Garuda, down near Nusa Dua.

vishnu1.jpg mantiscrumpler.jpg
The mighty torso of Vishnu (left) and my little friend (right).

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more soon. Coming up next: Sketch Dump!

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  1. It was weird. Found it the morning I was leaving on a roadtrip and it when I first saw it, it was sitting there looking all weird and crinkly. I went back half an hour later to see if it was still there and it had moved and looked normal (not crinkly). Then I came back from the roadtrip and it was gone. Sweet!

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