Man on a Train

A little early this week, because I can and because you’re all so wonderful. Another 200 words, another illustration. Enjoy.


An inter-city high speed train is cruising along between mountains and over rivers. Sadie, tired of staring out the window, casts a glance around the car. A grandma playing cards with her grandson. Bored looking business man nodding off. Young scruffy guy stands up to get something from his bag. He checks his watch, pulls on a spray jacket and zips it right up, then puts on his small backpack and clips all the buckles up tight.
‘Typical, hot dude’s leaving me with spoiled grandchild, drooling suit, fatty and the giggling bimbos.’
He runs a hand through his hair, catches her looking, then reaches into a pocket and pulls out what appears to be a small pick.
‘Busted. Now what the fuck’s he going to do with that?’
He steps to the window, turns his face away and whips out his wrist, shattering the window in an instant, then hops onto the sill. Squatting on his haunches, he casts a last look around the carriage, tightens a hood over his head flings himself with full force out of the window.
‘Well that was fucking cool’ Sadie smiles to herself as some gasp in shock and others scream in terror.



Back in the game with my weekly illustrated flash fiction. Story below.

Space Captain

“You’re terrified, aren’t you.” Thelma whispered to Byron.
“I prefer to think of it as a highly developed sense of self preservation” replied Byron, stepping up to the platform. “I’m thankful, for if I were less frightened, I may not have lived as long as I have.” He paused, attempting to compose himself. “Although these shakes are irritating” He gave her hand a brief squeeze and mounted the platform, surveying the crowd before him.
“Right you parasitic germ sacks, I am your leader now. Thelma here, is your queen. Treat her as such and she will reward you. Not in the many incredible ways she rewards me, but rewarded nonetheless. Treat her as less and you won’t live long to regret it. Now, you can jump on board or get thrown off screaming. Who’s with me?”
A roar erupted from the small crowd, fearful of showing a lack of enthusiasm.
“Jeffries here, will assign you positions. Form an orderly line and no fighting. Now!”
As the assembled crew jostled into line, Thelma and Bryon stepped down, strolling towards the ship.
“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it dear?” asked Thelma.
“Actually, I found it rather fun.”

Catastrophic, manfunctioning death-failure of epic proportions

I was planning on getting another illustrated flash fiction piece up this week, but unfortunately the hard drive in my laptop died in a rather dramatic fashion, with little hope of recovering any of the data.

This means, not only have I lost any pieces I had already written, but I’ve also spent most of the last few days trying to figure out what to do and attempting to get a laptop again. I have also been madly rushing to figure out what to do about the two jobs I had been working on when said computer went kaput.
Anyway, the computer should be back in action in the next couple of days, so although I’ve lost a lot of work and data, I’ll be able to get back on track.

In the meantime, I feel bad about starting something and not seeing it through, so for this week, please accept these drawings from a recent Dr Sketchy Melbourne ‘Under the Sea’ themed session starring the lovely Miss Vesper White (as Octogirl) and Rollergirl (aka Hayley Gray).


(above inked after the session, below done on the spot)

sketchy_undersea_bw sketchy_undersea_watercol

click through for full size

I’ll be back on track next week, so please stay tuned for more ridiculous stories and illustrations soon.

Dinosaur Fights

So this is my new plan. Weekly flash fiction, with accompanying illustration.

Week 1: Dinosaur fights.

Dinosaur fights

Crawling out of his bunker, Clarence surveyed the damage. Not bad. The collapsible fence was a great investment. Otherwise, the oak tree was split and the vehicle had a few more scratches.

The dinosaur fights were becoming more regular. Aside from having to wait out the fights and the property damage tolls, the dinosaurs weren’t bad neighbours. The camera he’d installed to watch the house from the bunker kept him entertained and let him know when it was safe to return.

Looking north, Clarence watched a lasso-gun mounted rover chasing the stegosaurus into the hills. Fucking cowboys.

Every Monday til I get sick of it. Comments welcome. Bonus illustration because I was running with a theme:


First watercolour painting in a long time.