Dinosaur Fights

So this is my new plan. Weekly flash fiction, with accompanying illustration.

Week 1: Dinosaur fights.

Dinosaur fights

Crawling out of his bunker, Clarence surveyed the damage. Not bad. The collapsible fence was a great investment. Otherwise, the oak tree was split and the vehicle had a few more scratches.

The dinosaur fights were becoming more regular. Aside from having to wait out the fights and the property damage tolls, the dinosaurs weren’t bad neighbours. The camera he’d installed to watch the house from the bunker kept him entertained and let him know when it was safe to return.

Looking north, Clarence watched a lasso-gun mounted rover chasing the stegosaurus into the hills. Fucking cowboys.

Every Monday til I get sick of it. Comments welcome. Bonus illustration because I was running with a theme:


First watercolour painting in a long time.

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