Holiday Sketches

Yes, I was away for a brief jaunt to Malacoota, then Sydney to see my extended family (hi relatives!). Good times were had by all. I’ll talk more about that in my next post, with some photos from the trip. This one’s about the sketches.

Firstly, a set of cards I painted for my family. The popular favourite was Lil’ Wayne shark.


I experimented with a new travel art kit idea, so I could sketch and ink on the road. Aside from pencil and an ultra-fine pen, I got two Japanese brush pens. One fine, filled with black ink, slightly diluted so it runs better. The other one is nice and fat, with heavily diluted ink so I can use it for washes and shading.


Using brushes while traveling has always been a pain in the arse, because not only do you need to carry the ink/watercolours and brushes, but you need to set up a receptacle for holding water and have a flat surface to put these things on. With pre-loaded brush pens, you can whip them out anywhere and work on something. I loved it. Here are a few results, click for largeness:

akiko toughchick

girlshooting aquaticbirdpeople

Next up: Photos from the trip. Next week: Back to some illustrated fiction or a short strip.

Happy 2010, funbugs. Big love to you all.

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