Remake/Remodel fun

Here’s a quick selection of my recent pieces from the Remake/Remodel threads over at Whitechapel. I find they’re a great art exercise, full of interesting ideas, and a lovely excuse to draw demented things. The sense of participation and seeing what everyone else comes up with makes them a lot of fun.


This Ace of Space character, I based on Motörhead’s Ace of Spades, going for a bit of a Mad Max feel.

shintosamurai_wc_1280This Shinto Samurai may be my first fully watercoloured R/R and he is stabbing wildlife while standing on pillars in the ocean, naturally.

Mr EThis here is Mr E and his shapeshifting gnomic friends, outside his forest cave. Less in keeping with the theme than an excuse to draw a crazy dude in jodphurs surrounded by odd little creatures.