Angry pants

So, the free internet connection I was using earlier managed to eat the first post that I was so lovingly crafting. The one I had written was in part about making mistakes, so the fact that I managed to lose the whole thing before posting it makes my angry pants even tighter and more bitter. Chew on the angry pants and taste their bitterĀ fibers!


… Moving right along.

I have come to the conclusion that it’s good to think about characters before attempting to draw them. Der, right? This was something I already knew, but when I was attempting to design a character the other day, I seemed to forget the thinking step and went right into drawing.

Now, I do remain a proponent of aimless doodling, don’t get me wrong, but when you’re drawing something for a purpose or attempting to design something, it pays to give it a little thought first.

I had come up with a couple of pages worth of rough doodles that I wasn’t happy with when I suddenly thought “Hang on…”

So, I sat down and thought for a while, jotted down some typically hasty and illegible notes, then proceeded to draw with a plan. Much better.

Here’s a bunch of concept/character sketches, in order of progression.

Obviously I’m testing out a range of characters and ideas here, so it all gets a bit jumbled, but it did feel better once I had more of a plan. Next up: Less of the bleeding obvious…