There is no used-by date on art

So, here’s a not-so-fresh batch of drawings from Dr Sketchy’s last month. I’m usually faster at posting these, but they have no used-by date, so here they are.
In February I did a lot of experimentation in different media. March was all done in soft lead pencil, possibly because at that point my brain could not handle simple changes in technique and media.
Anyway, to give these historical context, this session was pretty soon after I completed my 200 Drawings animation. I had crammed a lot of drawing into a short amount of time and learned some things in the process.
Some of those things were:
Speed: I could get more covered in the shorter poses than I used to be able to.
Endurance: Whereas I used to get drawing-fatigue by the end of a session, this one over and I thought “Huh, that was easy.”
Form: I feel like it came more naturally to quickly cover the essentials and then go back for the little extras and details.
Special shout-out to Lahta for coming along and bringing the skills.
Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne. Last Sunday of every month at The Order of Melbourne. Come one, come all.
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