So here’s a little ditty that I whipped up the other day titled NeedleBoy in Grooveland. It’s actually the second storyboard I’ve done this year, but I’m not the owner of the source material for that one. It’s more technically complex, took me ages to draw and was a bit of bitch, so I wish I could show it. There was a full band with a horn section, dancing party people, a desert island and more. But enough taunting with untouchable treats, on to something I can show!

This one’s basically a little story I came up with about a little robot needle dude who gets dropped into the groove of records and acts out the music with different parts of his anatomy. Legs bounce as the bass line, forearms act as the guitar strings, speaker bits as drums, mouth for vocals, etc. The poor little guy gets stuck and starts skipping, he takes control of the situation, then other things take control of him. It’s all very emotional. Anyway, here’s the storyboard.

NeedleBoy Storyboard SF

And while I’m at it, here’s the original concept sketch for NeedleBoy in Grooveland:

I found the storyboarding process not too difficult, probably because of my years of (thinking about) making comics and reading tons of comics. Plus I love drawing and expressing ideas visually comes pretty  naturally.

Yes, Needleboy will be a bitch to animate, but I’d like to make him into an animation at some point.

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