Picklet Power!

Anyone with an interest in web comics or picture books, tune in now. If you’re interested in producing said things for i-devices (phone, pad), TUNE HARDER! Picklets are essentially a way of producing simple interactive books/comics for i-things. More info and a demo at the link above. Stewart Haines, creator of Picklets, introduced our class the world of picklets the other week and I immediately saw the potential for comicking and wanted to make one.

More recently, Stewart brought in Melbourne comics artist Ben Hutchings to give us a demo of what he’s been working on with Picklets. It’s going to be one of the flagship picklets and it’s awesome. If you check out his site (link above), you’ll see some shots of his work in progress. Imagine it in motion. Glorious.

Now, I’m in the midst of my own. I’ll post the full thing when I’m done, but it’s silly little idea about dogs chasing frisbees that gets a bit out of control. Here be some dogs for ye to gawk at:

The workflow, once you’ve got everything set up, is pretty simple. You don’t need to know anything about coding or app building. All you need is a google account, dropbox with a public folder set up, and some Photoshop skills. Instructions and the all important script over at the Picklet Builder.

You download a script for Photoshop, which you run to set up your picklet template. Once you’ve got all your artwork into the template, you run the same script again to export it to your dropbox. Jump into Chrome and sign into the Picklet Builder using your google account, then start fiddling and making things move. You can even save drafts which you can send to people.

More on this later, when it’s closer to completion. For now, I’ve got backgrounds to draw.

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