Project Ephemera launch

Ephemera the exhibition. Behold!

Join us on Monday 16th of May from 6pm for the opening. Field Gallery, Level 3, RMIT Building 36, 393 Swanston St.

More details and documentation of each team losing their collective grip on reality at

This is what my classmates and I have been driving ourselves crazy over for the last few weeks. ‘An interactive journey through the mind’ made in the 3D realtime games engine Unity.

Being on the production team, I was tasked with making stuff. Since hardly any of us knew 3D, it was a steep learning curve with lots of swearing at computers, wild flailing, muttered threats and cries of anguish. We got there in the end though. Pablo, our team leader, showed exceptional patience with our bombardment of questions and freakouts. I know more about 3D than I ever thought I would, so that’s cool.

The other teams and everyone else involved did exceptional work too. It’s been a wild ride that’s brought us all closer together. The good kind of ‘closer’, not the ‘close enough to knee you in the crotch’ kind.

So I’m back to concentrating on my own stuff now. I’ll post some concept art for the new Thing I’m Working On soon, with some other random sketches.

On another note, I can’t believe I forgot to post the more finished version of my Picklet, Fribee Furor. Check it out. There are Dogs of War in it.