Tipping Point

With the semester over, so it is that my film is finished. Tipping Point has been described (by me) as:

A fluid, fast paced animation about two ordinary people who have had enough.

In a way, it’s the culmination of things I learned over the last year, mingled with my existing interests and visual sensibilities. This was a completely different technique to anything I’d tried before, so I thought I might document the process a little.

Firstly, it was animated in Photoshop. Why would you want to do that, I hear you ask? Basically, because I wanted more natural linework and fluid movement. I knew I’d be working mostly frame-by-frame anyway, which is basically all photoshop is good for in terms of animation. I wanted it to have a natural, hand drawn feel, without the rigmarole of animating the whole thing on paper and filming it.

Secondly, I used a lot of rotoscoping and filmed reference. I hadn’t necessarily intended to from the start, but after filming and rotoscoping a test shot, I loved the way it looked and ran with it.

The other technique I tried was using heavily treated video backgrounds, which mostly came about through necessity and the stellar advice of Dr Chris Barker.

In my next post, you’ll see tasty treats from the film in my new showreel, which I’m working on now…